Missouri voters overwhelmingly passed Amendment 1 to clean up state politics

But the fight to stop big money, powerful lobbyists, and partisan games isn’t over

Some politicians and political consultants are trying to ignore the will of the people and restore secrecy and corruption to Missouri’s state government.

We won’t let that happen.
We are committed to defending the will of the people and ensuring our government stays transparent, open and accountable to its citizens.

Eliminates almost all lobbyist gifts in the General Assembly

by banning any single gift worth more than $5. Records show that since 2004, there has been an average of $868,000 in lobbyist gift giving in Missouri — every year. No matter what party you believe in, this is not right.

Requires that legislative records be open to the public

Our state legislature keeps their own records secret, but expects others to follow open government laws.

Lowers campaign contribution limits for state legislative candidates

Every voice should count equally, but for too long in Missouri, huge campaign contributions have made too many of our leaders beholden to a small number of self-serving donors. Amendment 1 caps donations at $2,500 for state senate candidates, and $2,000 for state house candidates.

Requires politicians to wait two years before becoming lobbyists

We need to close the revolving door where politicians can now become lobbyists shortly after leaving office. We must increase integrity and take back our government by shutting out special interest lobbyists.

Ensures that neither political party is given an unfair advantage when new maps are drawn after the next census

by asking a nonpartisan expert to draw fair legislative district maps, which would then be reviewed by a citizen commission.

Makes sure our elected leaders focus on important priorities — not just what big donors and lobbyists want

When we get big money out of state politics, we force candidates to win our votes, debate the issues, and represent us— their constituents.

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