The Overwhelming Mandate for Fair Maps from Missouri Voters

Amendment 1 passed in a landslide in November 2018 with overwhelming bipartisan support.

Yes votes outnumbered No votes by a 1,469,093 to 899,613 margin, with a full 62.021% of voters casting their ballots for reform. It was an overwhelming, landslide, bipartisan victory, with support from communities large and small.

Amendment 1 won a majority of the vote in every state senate district.

It also carried the day in 80 of Missouri’s 114 counties — plus the City of St. Louis — and won in 149 of 163 state house districts.

Amendment 1 earned bipartisan support because of the redistricting provisions in the measure, not in spite of the redistricting portions.

Amendment 1 was supported by national nonpartisan and transpartisan reform organizations who fight against Democratic and Republican gerrymanders across the country

Supporters included the NAACP, Campaign Legal Center, League of Women Voters, Common Cause, Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy, Represent.Us, AARP, Take Back Our Republic, DEMOS, and more.