Dig into the fine print of Amendment 3 — and see how politicians are trying to trick you

The Dirty Missouri Amendment is about rigging maps to protect incumbent politicians

Amendment 3 seeks to undo the voter mandate for fair maps and fair redistricting in Missouri. It is a gerrymandering plan — and would NOT be a return to the redistricting rules we had in 2001 or 2011. It’s so much worse, with new, dangerous details that would set the stage for truly extreme gerrymandering in Missouri.

Get the facts:

  • Amendment 3 is written to trick you. It changes lobbyist gift limits by only $5 and contribution limits by just $100.
  • Amendment 3 reverses voter-approved redistricting reforms to let lobbyists and political operatives draw incumbent-protection maps.
  • Amendment 3 says that even if their politician-protection maps are unconstitutional, a judge can’t throw them out. No one, especially politicians, should be above the law.
  • Two separate courts ruled that politicians broke the law with false claims about what’s in the fine print of Amendment 3. When politicians’ lies are so bad they break the law, we have to hold them accountable by voting NO.
  • Amendment 3 will hurt our communities. Politicians want to rig the system by making us the first state to not count everyone in district maps. Local leaders are warning about “significant” revenue losses if Amendment 3 passes.

Read the full text for yourself

The gerrymandering masterminds who wrote Amendment 3 have a 3-part plan to rig Missouri maps

They want to:

RIG THE PROCESS so lobbyists and operatives can make backroom deals

to protect politicians from voter accountability

RIG THE RULES so gerrymandered maps can’t be fixed

Politicians are trying to trick voters because they know voters will not like their redistricting scheme

Here is the complete list of Amendment 3 provisions that are not about rigging maps:


It would reduce the lobbyist gift limit by $5 dollars.


It would lower the contribution limit for state senate candidates by $100.

That’s it. That’s the list. That’s how politicians are hoping to dupe you and other Missouri voters into supporting their radical redistricting scheme — so incumbent politicians will be protected in super-safe districts, with lobbyists and insiders drawing the lines.

The fine print in Amendment 3 is so much worse than you imagined

A rigged process with rigged rules
to protect favored politicians

Deals done & lines drawn in back rooms
so voters won’t know what deals were made

Extreme partisan bias is explicitly allowed
in plan where rigged maps aren’t bugs — they are the core feature

Carved up communities
with arbitrary, artificial rules on population deviations

Lost representation for kids and communities
with a radical proposal to not count kids or noncitizens in population for redistricting

Weakened protections for voters of color
with the elimination of protections for influence districts, and for language minorities

New powers for state party bosses so they can stuff the political commissions with hand-picked lobbyists and political operatives

Rights to challenge rigged maps taken away
with unprecedented new rules to limit citizens’ rights to challenge unfair maps

A secretive process where maps could be drawn and finalized without anyone seeing the data behind them

Why are politicians trying to overturn the will of Missouri voters?

2020 is politicians’ last chance to set things up for gerrymandered maps in 2021 that would last through 2030. They want: 

  • Unfair, noncompetitive districts to limit voters’ ability to hold their leaders accountable
  • New rules to let lobbyists and political operatives draw lines in back rooms
  • Explicit allowances for extreme partisan gerrymandering
  • To not count kids or non-citizens in Missouri’s population
  • Unprecedented restrictions on citizens’ abilities to challenge unfair maps in court

Even the politicians in Jefferson City know their plan is flawed and riddled with problems

Before the final vote on Amendment 3 in the legislature, a top Republican leader warned his colleagues that “there are errors or corrections that need[ed] to be made.” But politicians rushed the plan through anyway. No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, we should not be putting flawed amendments into our state constitution.

The fair map rules overwhelmingly approved by voters in 2018 were thoroughly vetted — and endorsed — by reformers from across the political spectrum.

The Clean Missouri Amendment passed by an almost 2-to-1 margin in November 2018 after winning endorsements from reformers, newspapers, civil rights leaders, and anti-gerrymandering experts across the state.

Read the fine print of Amendment 3 for yourself — and see why it’s condemned by Republicans, Democrats, and Independents