“Don’t be fooled.”

KC Star 12/30/19

The Clean Missouri Amendment passed by an almost 2-to-1 margin in 2018, after a year-long signature gathering effort by Missouri citizens and a statewide campaign. The fair map reforms in Amendment 1 earned endorsements from Republican, Independent, and Democratic reformers — and endorsements from every major anti-gerrymandering organization. The hard work on policy development, signature gathering, and talking to friends and neighbors paid off: Amendment 1 won a majority of the vote in every state senate district, from rural communities to big cities.

But now Jefferson City politicians have a new, radical plan on the ballot — to overturn the fair map rules put into law by voters, and to replace the good policy in our constitution now with a radical gerrymandering scheme. Their plan is deceptive, deceitful, and all about protecting incumbent politicians in rigged, super-safe districts where voters can’t hold them accountable.

Their Dirty Missouri Plan — Amendment 3 — is on your your ballot now. We know Missourians see through the politicians’ tricks, and will see the politician protection plan for what it is — and we can stop them. To do that, we need your help getting the word out so every voter knows exactly how politicians are trying to dupe them.

“The Dirty Missouri Plan would replace voter-approved reforms with some of the most extreme map-rigging policies in the country.

Breaking Down Amendment 3

The gerrymandering masterminds and politicians behind the Dirty Missouri Amendment have a 3-part plan for rigging maps to protect incumbents in super-safe districts.

They want to replace voter-approved anti-gerrymandering reforms with a deceptive new scheme for our state constitution. They’re determined to take Missouri backwards with backroom deals and rigged maps —  but we’re going to stop them.

What they want to do:

Rig the Process

so lobbyists and operatives can make backroom deals

Rig the Math

to protect politicians from voter accountability

Rig the Rules

so gerrymandered maps
can’t be fixed in court

Dig into the fine print on Amendment 3. See who’s already working to defeat it. Then join the fight to defend fair maps and defend the will of Missouri’s voters.