Springfield Business and Community Leaders Hold Virtual Press Event

During a virtual press conference a group of Springfield leaders warn voters about the deceptive nature and troubling details in the fine print of Amendment 3. Bipartisan opposition to Amendment 3 continues to grow in Springfield and across the state. The amendment was also opposed in the General Assembly by Senator Lincoln Hough, Representative Steve Helms and Representative Crystal Quade. 

“I know when politicians don’t have to listen to their constituents it’s not good for business or anyone else for that matter,” said Jim Anderson, former president of the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce. “[Politicians’] goal is to draw incumbent protected districts which allow them to ignore our voices — they want to rig the maps. We have to retain and attract the very best talent and businesses to grow, that would all be in jeopardy under Amendment 3… it would be a big stumbling block nationally to have a state that is known for the most extreme gerrymandering.”

Amendment 3 would eliminate voter-approved nonpartisan redistricting reforms, and then replace them with a redistricting system unlike Missouri — or America — has ever seen.

 “If Amendment 3 passes it would make Missouri the first state not to count kids in district maps, and that is just wrong,” said Dr. Thomas Prater, a businessman and community leader. “There is alot of state funding that is directed to help meet childhood needs and poverty needs, if children were not counted appropriately that would direct funds where they may not be needed. Unfortunately Amendment 3 was written in a deceptive manner and it really doesn’t explain these issues very well, and unfortunately I think the authors did this on purpose so that we didn’t really understand what was going on.”

To trick voters into passing their gerrymandering proposal, politicians have added a $5 change to lobbyist gift limits — with loopholes for some lobbyists — and a $100 change to campaign contribution limits. 

“The League of Women voters believes in fair and competitive elections, we believe Amendment 3 will hurt both of these democratic processes,” said League of Women Voters Southwest Missouri board member Joan Gentry. “Amendment 3 removes the reforms put into place by over 62 percent of Missouri voters in 2018. Instead secret maps will be drawn in the criteria of Amendment 3 which will protect incumbent politicians and hurt our communities. No wonder apathy exists, if politicians don’t like what voters want, they just change it.”