Joplin Community Leaders Say Amendment 3 Would “Hurt Our Democratic Process”

A group of Joplin community leaders are warning voters that Amendment 3 is deceptive and damaging to the democratic process. The leaders joined together for  a virtual press conference to discuss the deceptive nature and troubling details in the fine print of Amendment 3. 

“The League of Women Voters and I believe in fair and competitive maps and we don’t want Amendment 3 to hurt our democratic process… and it will, because it will limit voters ability to hold their leaders accountable,” said Neely Myers, President of the League of Women Voters the Greater Joplin Area. “This is a fantastic area to raise a family, I have an 8-year-old myself and Amendment 3 is going to hurt our community by taking representation away from kids, away from families. What that means is that we could see significant revenue loss, because the representation in Jefferson City could change.”

“[Amendment 3] goes against our American values… everyone should be counted and everyone should have a voice,” said Nanda Nunnelly Sparks, President of the Negro Service Council of Joplin. “I get asked often what does this amendment wording even mean… it’s so difficult to understand it and that is why they are trying to trick us, there is no other reason for it. There is no reason for us to be fooled into voting for this amendment when we know [politicians’] are attempting to silence us.” 

Amendment 3 proposes a $5 change to lobbyist gift limits — with exemptions for some lobbyists — and a $100 change to contribution limits for state senate candidates as a smokescreen to distract voters from its true goal, which is to put lobbyists and political operatives in charge of drawing legislative district maps to protect incumbents and their own power.  

An overwhelming bipartisan coalition of more than 300 leaders and organizations from across the state have come together to call on voters to Vote NO on Amendment 3.