Springfield Business Leaders Call on Voters to Reject Amendment 3

Bipartisan opposition to Amendment 3 continues to grow in Springfield and across the state as the No on 3 campaign works to educate voters how politicians are trying to trick them with their deceptive gerrymandering amendment. Amendment 3 was also opposed in the General Assembly by Senator Lincoln Hough, Representative Steve Helms and Representative Crystal Quade. 

“I know that it is good for business for politicians to listen to and serve their constituents,” said Jim Anderson, former president of the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce. “We have to make sure we keep Springfield a thriving community where people come to work, grow their businesses and raise their family.”

Amendment 3 would eliminate voter-approved nonpartisan redistricting reforms, and then replace them with a redistricting system unlike Missouri — or America — has ever seen. The ultimate goal of Amendment 3 is to have lobbyists and political operatives draw incumbent-protection districts. 

“If Amendment 3 passes it would make Missouri the first state not to count kids in district maps, and that is just wrong,” said Dr. Thomas Prater, a businessman and community leader. “Our kids and communities  get short-changed on the resources they need and deserve when children and families aren’t represented fairly in Jefferson City.” 

To trick voters into passing their gerrymandering proposal, politicians have added a $5 change to lobbyist gift limits — with loopholes for some lobbyists — and a $100 change to campaign contribution limits. 

“When politicians’ self interests are put above their constituents we have to vote no,” said League of Women Voters Southwest Missouri Joan Gentry. “Just two years ago voters overwhelmingly passed fair map reforms. We have to make sure that our elected officials are working for the people in their district not for their own self-interests and those of lobbyists at the state Capitol.”

To learn more about Amendment 3 and the large bipartisan coalition working to defeat it, visit NOon3Missouri.org