#3on3: The Politicians won’t stop their dirty tricks

What makes Amendment 3 the most offensive and outrageous scheme is that politicians aren’t just trying to undo the will of voters — they’re trying to trick voters into putting an unprecedented gerrymandering scheme into our constitution.

We won’t allow our friends, family, and neighbors to be duped into helping politicians who want to hurt our communities and silence our voices.

Here are three things the politicians don’t want you to know when you go to the polls:

  1. They only have one strategy for winning — deception.

    The politicians behind Amendment 3 know they can’t win if voters learn what’s in the fine print. Their plan would lower the limit for lobbyist gifts by just $5 and only for some lobbyists. That’s not reform, it’s a trick to distract Missouri voters from politicians’ real goal — rigging our democracy and allowing gerrymandering in our state constitution.
  2. Two courts said politicians broke the law with their lies.

    We just went to court to challenge the deceptive ballot language and two courts found the truth: what politicians were trying to tell voters about Amendment 3 was “false” and “misleading” — voters need to know that politicians are trying to undermine the bipartisan mandate for fair maps.

  3. Politicians know their scheme will fail if voters see what’s in the fine print.

    The bottom line about Amendment 3 is that politicians put it on the ballot to let lobbyists and political operatives rig maps to protect incumbent politicians. They want to dupe Missouri voters into passing Amendment 3 so that they don’t have to worry about working for their constituents back home.

Add all these facts up, and you’re left with an unprecedented and outrageous scheme that has no place in our state constitution.