#3on3: Takeaways from the latest appeals court ruling

Two courts have now ruled that politicians pushing Amendment 3 broke the law with their lies about what’s in the fine print of their gerrymandering plan. 

First, a judge in Cole County struck down the dishonest and deceptive ballot language politicians tried to have on our November ballot for Amendment 3. She said it was “misleading, unfair, and insufficient.” 

The politicians didn’t like getting called out like that, and appealed, hoping to get their lies back onto the ballot. This week, the Western Court of Appeals said no way — and again affirmed politicians’ ballot language was misleading and broke the law with its falsehoods. 

Here are three things you just have to see from this week’s ruling:

1. The politician’s proposed ballot language “fail[ed] to acknowledge what SJR 38 would actually do — substantially modify, and reorder, the redistricting criteria approved by voters in the November 2018 general election.” 

2. There were “major problems” in what politicians tried to tell voters about their gerrymandering plan (because it was full of falsehoods). 

3. The Appeals Court described the politicians’ deceptive ballot language as false FIVE TIMES. Check it:  

“falsely suggests”

“falsely implies”

“false implication”

“falsely claiming”

The politicians trying to pass Amendment 3 know voters will reject their gerrymandering scheme once they learn what is hidden in the fine print, so they’re going to pull out all the stops to trick voters. We won in court, but there’s a long way to go until November 3.