Second Court: “Major Problems” in Legislators’ Dishonest Ballot Summary for Amendment 3

Read the full brief from civil rights leaders below.

KANSAS CITY — The Western District Court of Appeals today ruled that politicians illegally tried to deceive voters about their Amendment 3 gerrymandering scheme, and ordered a new ballot summary to be put on the ballot.

In today’s ruling, the 3-judge panel described “major problems” in the politicians’ proposed summary for their gerrymandering plan, and made clear that voters need to know that politicians are seeking to “substantially modify, and reorder, the redistricting criteria approved by voters in the November 2018 general election.”  

“The fact is that the politicians pushing this incumbent-protection plan know voters will hate what’s in the fine print, so they tried to trick voters with dishonest ballot language. And now two courts have ruled that they broke the law with their deception,” said Sean Soendker Nicholson, director of the No on Amendment 3 campaign.

“As a smokescreen for their plan to let lobbyists draw maps to protect their favorite politicians, they tacked on a $5 to change to lobbyist gift limits and a $100 change in campaign contribution limits for senate candidates,” continued Soendker Nicholson. “We all know that’s not reform — it’s a trick. Voters are smart enough to see what politicians are up to, and will vote no.”

This is the second court ruling affirming what citizens have been saying for months: the  politicians trying to pass Amendment 3 are relying on deception and trickery, because they know voters will reject their gerrymandering scheme once they learn what is hidden in the fine print.