#3on3: Why there’s bipartisan opposition

The politicians pushing Amendment 3 know they can’t actually run on their gerrymandering plan. Its provisions are indefensible, and they know voters really want fair maps and a fair redistricting process. So, politicians are trying to dupe voters with dishonest ballot language to distract you from their real goal: rigging the maps to protect incumbent politicians.

FACT: Amendment 3 is a radical gerrymandering plan opposed by conservative, independent and progressive reformers.

FACT: Amendment 3 is a politician protection plan designed to allow lobbyists and political operatives to draw new districts in secretive backrooms.

FACT: We delivered a huge bipartisan mandate for fair maps in 2018, and we’re going to do it again in November.

We’re focusing on just a few of the reasons why conservatives oppose Amendment 3:

1. Amendment 3 “would substitute a redistricting scheme more extreme than Missouri has ever seen. Indeed, if the proposed constitutional amendment is fully enacted, Missouri’s legislative maps could be more gerrymandered than any in the country.”
— Former US Senator Jack Danforth

2. “I have been told by the State GOP that there are errors or corrections that need to be made on this [Amendment 3].”
— Top House Leader Rocky Miller, warning his colleagues that voters would reject their flawed gerrymandering plan.

3. We should listen to the voter mandate from 2018, “I did not see the necessity to do this [Amendment 3] right now.”
— Springfield Senator Lincoln Hough, who voted NO on the politician protection plan in the State Senate and urged his colleagues to listen to the voters’ mandate from 2018.

Amendment 3 is so insidious and undemocratic that lawmakers on both sides of the aisle opposed it this spring, and a huge bipartisan coalition of voters is going to reject in November.