#3on3: How politicians hope to dupe voters

The politicians pushing Amendment 3 know they can’t actually run on their gerrymandering plan. Its provisions are indefensible, and they know voters really want fair maps and a fair redistricting process. So, politicians are trying to dupe voters with dishonest ballot language to distract you from their real goal: rigging the maps to protect incumbent politicians.

That’s the bad news. The good news is everyone can see through the smokescreen once they understand the facts about what politicians are doing.

Here are the facts:

1. Amendment 3 would change contribution limits for state senate candidates — and only state senate candidates — by $100.

Yeah. That’s it. $100.

2. Amendment 3 would change lobbyist gift limits by $5.

$5. That’s it. And no matter what they say in their dishonest ballot language or in campaign ads, politicians are preserving gift exemptions in the constitution.

3. Everything else in Amendment 3 is about gerrymandering.

When we say everything, we really mean it. Those two insignificant changes to gift limits are the smokescreen to distract you from what the amendment is really about — rigging the maps to protect incumbent politicians and put the nation’s most extreme gerrymandering plan into our state constitution.