#3on3: What politicians said about their own gerrymandering plan

We are working every day to defeat the deceptive, dangerous, dirty gerrymandering scheme in Amendment 3. You and I both know voters will reject the Dirty Missouri scheme if they understand how politicians are trying to trick them — and why they’re trying to trick voters — and it’s on us, working together, to get the word out.

Today we’re launching a new project to help do just that. We’re calling it 3 on 3. Every week from now until Election Day we’re going to share with you three big things every Missourian needs to know about Amendment 3, with an easy way for all of us to share the details with our friends and family in Missouri. Some weeks it will be fun, some will be serious, and some will be about the huge, bipartisan coalition coming together to defeat Amendment 3.

First up: 3 BIG moments from the legislative session when politicians were actually honest about what’s going in with their Amendment 3 gerrymandering scheme.

1. Senate Sponsor of Amendment 3: We want to change who even counts for the purposes of drawing legislative maps

This is a big, big deal. Senator Dan Hegeman isn’t just any Senator — he was the sponsor of SJR38 (the resolution that will become Amendment 3). And back in January, he let the cat out of the bag: The language saying that maps would be drawn “on the basis of one person, one vote” is intentionally deceptive. The scheme would actually draw maps based on the number of eligible voters, and kids or non-citizens wouldn’t count at all. More than 1,500,000 Missourians would lose their representation in the House and Senate!

Even the gerrymandering mastermind pushing this idea admitted that it would be “radical” and “advantageous to… Non-Hispanic Whites.” This part of Amendment 3 is a big, big deal.

2. Senior House Leader: “There are errors or corrections that need to be made on this.”

When one of the top leaders in the House Majority says “I have been told by the State GOP that there are errors or corrections that need to be made on this,” legislators addressed those errors before asking voters to put those errors in the state constitution… right? Wrong. Despite the warnings from the House Rules Committee chair, the House rammed the gerrymandering amendment right through without making a single change.

3. House Leaders: Darn right we’re trying to overturn the will of voters.

We appreciate Representative Mike Haffner’s honesty here about the legislature’s intent to overturn the voter mandate for fair maps. But what makes Amendment 3 all the more offensive and outrageous is that politicians aren’t just trying to undo the will of voters — they’re trying to trick voters into putting an unprecedented gerrymandering scheme into our constitution.