Washington Missourian: Dirty Missouri is an “odious” measure

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[L]awmakers also passed some odious measures this session, including a plan to gut key provisions of Clean Missouri, which voters passed with 62 percent of the vote in 2018.

The new ballot initiative, which is being billed as “ ‘Clean(er)’ Missouri,” would roll back a majority of the changes made by Clean Missouri, including eliminating the role of a nonpartisan state demographer. The person chosen to fill the position would redraw the state’s district lines, which has caused concerns that the GOP could lose seats.

Republicans have maintained that voters didn’t understand the redistricting language of the amendment on the ballot.

But even some Republicans questioned the wisdom of trying to overturn the provisions of Clean Missouri, which passed resoundingly. Rep. Rocky Miller, R-Lake Ozark, told the Springfield News Leader he thought the plan would “go down in flames if it makes it to the ballot.

“This will be as bad as right-to-work,” he added, referring to the anti-union law struck down by voters despite GOP lawmakers’ overwhelming support for the idea.