In November 2018, Missouri voters overwhelmingly passed Amendment 1. It was a landslide victory to bring fairness and transparency to the center of our democracy.

In the past, redistricting in Missouri was driven by backroom deals, secrecy, and partisan politics. Now, voters have put new rules in place that ensure fairness, transparency, and independence, so we can all have confidence that we’re getting a fair shake with new legislative maps. We have a system that works for the people.

But this week, three new gerrymandering plans were filed in the State Senate to overturn the will of 1,469,093 Missouri voters — and create new ways for political appointees to gerrymander districts.

So, here’s what’s happening: The Clean Missouri team is gearing up for the fight that will decide if fairness, transparency, and accountability remain the law of the land. Will you join our campaign? We need to organize ourselves today to be prepared to defend Clean Missouri when the legislature reconvenes in January.

Just like before, this will have to be a people-powered movement if we are going to defend the will of the people and keep our democracy on track.

Clean Missouri is about returning power back to the people. We can’t allow a few politicians and lobbyists to push through new gerrymandering plans. Add your name today and join us in our campaign to defend Amendment 1.

Onward, with more updates to come,

Sean Soendker Nicholson