Originally posted in the eMissourian on May 23, 2019.

Legislation aimed at doing away with Clean Missouri, Amendment 1, approved by voters last November, was defeated in the Senate Fiscal Oversight Committee. The one provision that this legislation, HJR48, targeted was to have another vote that if passed would have done away with the nonpartisan plan for redistricting,

SB213 did pass, and awaits the governor’s signature, which establishes rules for the nonpartisan state demographer and empowers citizens to be more engaged in the upcoming redistricting process. SB213 implements what voters overwhelmingly approved last November.

The overall goal in this legislation is to end gerrymandering that gives one of the political parties an advantage when legislative boundaries are drawn every 10 years.

The Clean Missouri coalition was elated to see the proposed gerrymandering plan defeated, but it expects the lobbyists and politicians to try again to pass a similar proposal. Clean Missouri, a bipartisan coalition of citizens who fought for two years to pass redistricting and ethics reforms, said it will continue to “fight for a responsive, accountable and transparent state government.”

The reasoning by some lawmakers in supporting another vote to restore gerrymandering didn’t hold water. Their reasoning was hoodwinked by politics.