Originally posted in the Columbia Tribune on May 9, 2019.

I voted for and was a canvasser for state Sen. Caleb Rowden. I knocked on doors for him because I believed that he would be an effective state senator who would listen to his constituents and work to make our lives better.

I collected signatures, knocked on doors and eventually voted for Amendment 1 (Clean Missouri) and Proposition B (Raise Up Missouri). I worked to put ethics reform, redistricting reform and a higher minimum wage on the ballot because I want an economy and democracy that work for working people like myself. I talked to Boone County voters just like me — Republicans, Democrats and Independents – because I believe that being paid a living wage and reducing the influence of lobbyists is a bipartisan issue. They agreed, and Amendment 1 and Prop B passed overwhelmingly in Boone County.

I have attempted to meet with Rowden so I could tell him how I feel about these issues. I was told to come to Jefferson City, so I traveled there to try to find him, but was not successful. It is frustrating how difficult it is for us regular folk to get time with our elected officials. That is why Clean Missouri is so important.

I hope Rowden makes the right choice and does not undermine the vote of 1.4 million Missourians who voted for these important issues, including an overwhelming majority of his constituents. I am inclined to vote for Rowden again, only if he respects my vote and my neighbors’ votes on these two critical issues. As the legislative session winds up, I will be watching.

Troy Jones,

Boone Country