A recent article in WIRED magazine explains how simple math can be used to establish fair and competitive elections and how gerrymandering has helped engineer election results for incumbents for decades.

These unfair fights affect how we are governed and help majority-party incumbents coast to re-election term after term…Objective mathematical tools like the efficiency gap may be the only way to root out gerrymandering and keep our political battlefields in balance.

You don’t have to be a math major to know that the scales are tipped in Missouri (and have been for awhile) when it comes to our legislative districts. Having an impartial expert redraw district boundaries in Missouri will create a more level playing field for both parties and eliminate any unfair advantages one has over the other. The criteria will be clear and transparent—requiring open records of the data used to draw new maps—ensuring a fair process.

We think it’s time to make this happen. Voters deserve fair and competitive elections.