The Missouri Legislature expects other government bodies to follow the Sunshine Law. But they keep their own records secret.

Many Representatives and Senators believe they don’t have to follow Sunshine Laws, often removing individuals who want to record hearings, refusing to turn over emails when requested, and keeping other key records away from the eyes of everyday Missourians.

State Auditors from both parties have called out our legislators for the double standard:  

Former Republican Auditor Tom Schweich stated in a 2013 report on the Missouri Senate:

“It is a double standard for the legislature to impose additional requirements on other public governmental bodies while enjoying a blanket exemption from the Sunshine Law.”

Democratic State Auditor Nicole Galloway reported:

“The two chambers…have significant shortcomings when it comes to open records and policies related to the Sunshine Law.”

No matter which party you believe in, this is not right.

The Clean Missouri amendment requires all legislative records to be open to the public – ensuring integrity and transparency in our government.

Here are the facts – The Clean Missouri amendment will:

  • lower campaign contribution limits for state legislative candidates
  • eliminate almost all lobbyist gifts
  • require politicians wait two years before becoming lobbyists
  • require that legislative records be open to the public
  • ensure that neither political party is given an unfair advantage when new maps are drawn after the next census, by asking a nonpartisan expert to draw fair legislative district maps, which would then be reviewed by a citizen commission