It’s a Saturday morning, it’s beautiful outside, and you’re with your friends. What are you doing?



You might have thought about eating brunch on a patio, but nope. You’re gathering signatures for the Clean Missouri initiative. We’ll promise you, canvassing is better than brunch…

  1. You can get your workout in, but only if you want to. You can walk all over the city, or camp out in a place with lots of people. Up to you!
  2. You can still catch up with your friends. After all, the brunch conversation was bound to turn to politics anyway — it’ll feel better to actually get out and do something about the corruption and secrecy in Missouri’s government.
  3. You meet new people. No more eavesdropping on the table next to you. Canvassing gives you the chance to meet real people who care about the same issues you do.
  4. You’ll get to explore the city. Sometimes, canvassing happens in the places you’d least expect — and they’re beautiful!
  5. You can always go to brunch after. Canvassing is awesome, but it’s even better with waffles.